Sunday, March 7, 2010

Has Spring Sprung?

What a beautiful day we had yesterday. Lots of sunshine, warmer temperatures (still windy, but above 50) and customers old and new. Gov. Perdue was in town but somehow didn't make it to see us. Maybe next time.

The Chicken Chili was a hit yet again, as was our Coffee-Braised Pulled Pork with Pineapple Upside Down Sauce and homemade slaw. The secret to good slaw? Hand shred the cabbage. OK, my arm was sore from shredding all that cabbage on the box shredder, but it sure was worth it. Never cut your cabbage with a knife or buy the pre-cut bags in the grocery store. Hand shredding makes all the difference. It realeases the juices in a way that a knife just doesn't do.

Your've heard about The Witching Hour? Well, this week we will be working on The Dipping Hour with a view to starting it on Monday, March 15 after we change the clocks. We are working on half a dozen dips similar to our crab dip - hot, served with French bread and enough for two (or more) to share. Among the recipes we are perfecting are a Broccoli Cheese, a Bacon and Blue Cheese, a White Bean Dip, a Buffalo Chicken Dip and a couple more. We will have a least three vegetarian options so there will be lots of choice for everyone. Of course the dips will available any time, but we are calling it The Dipping Hour in the hopes that we can get an after-work crowd. Stop in with your friends and share some good times and great food without breaking the bank. We will post when everything is "officially ready" but we are making every effort to start on Monday, March 15. The days will be longer and the weather should have well and truly broken by then.

Got to get to the restaurant for Sunday Lunch now. Have a great week and look for another post on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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The Waverly Inn said...

This is a great restaurant that we send our inn guests to on a regular basis. And the feedback we get from the customers we send is always outstanding. Keep up the great work Mrs. G!