Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring to Snow in 48 Hours

To think it was in the upper 60's on Saturday and by Monday afternoon we were watching big snowflakes falling on Main Street. Monday night was a disaster. Dull, dismal and with a "wintry mix" falling from the skies.

We had a couple come in from Iowa who had attended the NASCAR race in Bristol on Sunday. They were saying how many empty seats there were this year. As a matter of fact, they heard it was the first time in 55 years the race wasn't sold out. The recession is still with us. I understood how one could travel from Iowa to Bristol for the race, but was intrigued how they ended up in Hendersonville. They explained that a friend from school retired to Hendersonville and they came to try and locate him. In the end, they could not, so came to Main Street. They figured as long as they were in town, they might as well spend a few hours seeing what it was all about. It's always interesting to me how people end up in our restaurant.

We are feverishly working on our menu for the Small Plate Crawl. I need to get it into the Hendersonville Epicurean so it can be posted on their website. Look for a couple new and exciting dishes. We are working hard to be really well organized this time. We had a fabulous turnout on a miserable and rainy day in November and can only imagine what it will be like on a gorgeous spring day. I hope we can pull it off without too many glitches. Hendersonville Epicurean surveyed the participants last time and we received good feedback, much of which we took seriously. The participants told us what they thought and did show up some flaws in the system. Believe it or not, many of us do listen to constructive criticism.

I could go on for hours, but must get to the restaurant and prep for lunch. Have a great day everybody and if you are on Main Street today, please stop in and say hi!

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