Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anonymous and More

Thank you Anonymous for looking at our blog. We don't know who you are, but thank you for continuing to look. Please keep in touch.

Sometimes it's hard to hold your nerve in this business. A gorgeous day on Sunday and we were empty. A gorgeous day on Monday and we were packed. Another beautiful day on Tuesday and we did ok, not great but ok. Planning and ordering is still not easy as we are just easing our way into summer.

Our Dining Out for Life ambassador stopped by yesterday with promotional materials. He is a great guy and we are looking forward to April 29. Do come in, join us and help support this wonderful charity.

We are looking forward to Hendersonville's second Small Plate Crawl. We're being different this year and have gone out on a bit of a limb. Instead of having small plates from our regular menu fare, we're trying a couple new things. One is a Mushroom Meatloaf with Cajun Remoulade. This meatloaf is packed with mushrooms (of course), walnuts, cheddar cheese and rice. When we have offered it as a vegetarian dish, it was very well received. We hope you will enjoy it.

We are also going to have a curry tasting during the Small Plate Crawl. We will be sampling a Thai curry, an Indian curry and a Japanese curry. They will all be made with chicken so the taste differences should be discernable.

Yes, we'll have a lot more than the meatloof and curries. We look forward to serving you.

And yes Anonymous, I'll try to start posting more often. Everyone have a great day!


mwearl said...

I can't wait for the Small Plate Crawl. Both the mushroom meatloaf and curry sound wonderful. Glad I found this on Google maps.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear some enthusiam. Looks like things are going preeeeety good for Mrs G & Me. The Small Plate Crawl looks very interesting. Good Menu, a friendly smile & consistancy is all you need. Not every day can be a Monday. Hendersonville offers Mrs G & Me ...a fine dining experiance.