Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Great Day? You Betcha!

Greetings to all on a beautiful Monday morning. We're looking forward to a great week, expecially Thursday being a participant in the Dining Out for Life campaign. Do join us and support this great charity. We're open all day for lunch and dinner.

OK. Saturday night we were packed. Many people attending 'Annie' at the Skyland Performing Arts Center and others attending the Flat Rock Playhouse. Most tables did not have reservations and as a consequence, we could not serve you quite as promptly as we wanted to. We pride ourselves on our 'made from scratch difference' (cooking most everything to order) and our service. Please make reservations if you are coming with a group and have time constraints. On Friday and Saturday evenings, we advise allowing yourselves two (2) hours to have a nice meal with us and get on your way to your destination.

We are working this week on a salmon tasting. Similar to our popular curry tasting, this will allow you to taste Norwegian, Scottish and Alaskan salmon all at the same time. Check back for the exact dates.

Our 'Meatless Meatloaf' is now on the menu. This was so popular during the Small Plate Crawl that we have put it on the menu. So in addition to our normal gluten-free meatloaf, we now offer a vegetarian version, served with our cajun remoulade. Delicious!

Don't forget! We now have Tomato Basil and Cream of Mushroom soup every day. We will do a third soup that will change from day-to-day. And as asked for by our customers, we are now offering a 'Trio of Soup' with French Bread for $8.95. So many people enjoy our soups and since this is a 'soup town', stop in for all three of our delicious homemade soups.

Got to get cracking now with preparations for the week. Check back soon. We love our customers!

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Anonymous said...

Yes Yes Yes!!! It is another beautiful day in Hendersonville and the weekend was great. I know everyone is excited about the soups and etc at Mrs G & Me. But be sure to try the Leek Pie and the wonderful desserts. Just stop in for a coffee and a piece of the wonderful bread pudding.The best in town. Mrs G is always ready to accommodate with the personal touch. I also would like to mention the great wait staff. Mrs G & Me has the best. Mr G always has a smile and welcome when you arrive. So take a chance and stop in Mrs G & Me for lunch of dinner They also have a outstanding Sunday Brunch. So see ya there.