Thursday, April 29, 2010

Welcome Dining Out for Life

What a wonderful lunch we are having today. Twenty percent of all sales will be donated to this wonderful charity and people are coming out to support it. We appreciate all of you. It is just after 1pm so it's not too late. We are open all day, so come and join us later for lunch, after work or for dinner.

We look forward to seeing you!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Great Day? You Betcha!

Greetings to all on a beautiful Monday morning. We're looking forward to a great week, expecially Thursday being a participant in the Dining Out for Life campaign. Do join us and support this great charity. We're open all day for lunch and dinner.

OK. Saturday night we were packed. Many people attending 'Annie' at the Skyland Performing Arts Center and others attending the Flat Rock Playhouse. Most tables did not have reservations and as a consequence, we could not serve you quite as promptly as we wanted to. We pride ourselves on our 'made from scratch difference' (cooking most everything to order) and our service. Please make reservations if you are coming with a group and have time constraints. On Friday and Saturday evenings, we advise allowing yourselves two (2) hours to have a nice meal with us and get on your way to your destination.

We are working this week on a salmon tasting. Similar to our popular curry tasting, this will allow you to taste Norwegian, Scottish and Alaskan salmon all at the same time. Check back for the exact dates.

Our 'Meatless Meatloaf' is now on the menu. This was so popular during the Small Plate Crawl that we have put it on the menu. So in addition to our normal gluten-free meatloaf, we now offer a vegetarian version, served with our cajun remoulade. Delicious!

Don't forget! We now have Tomato Basil and Cream of Mushroom soup every day. We will do a third soup that will change from day-to-day. And as asked for by our customers, we are now offering a 'Trio of Soup' with French Bread for $8.95. So many people enjoy our soups and since this is a 'soup town', stop in for all three of our delicious homemade soups.

Got to get cracking now with preparations for the week. Check back soon. We love our customers!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Going to be a Great Day!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We can’t say it enough. The Small Plate Crawl was an astounding success. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who came, to all the new friends we made and we hope you will all keep your promise to come back again. It was our pleasure to serve you. You see, we all love what we do.

Another big thank you goes out to the Hendersonville Epicurean. She has done a wonderful job and we are so looking forward to the next Small Plate Crawl in the fall. Be sure to visit her site to keep up with the latest happenings with the restaurant scene here in Hendersonville and beyond.

As you may have noticed, we said thank you three times. Our third thanks goes to all of our staff who worked hard to make this a successful event. As I said before, we all love what we do. We love to cook and we love to serve. I hope it shows.

OK. Everyone really enjoyed the Mushroom Meatloaf, so much so that a vast majority of those who ordered it went out of their way to suggest that it be on the menu all the time. Yes, it is a vegetarian meatloaf and I was quite skeptical about even doing it. Like we said on the menu – “We promise you won’t miss the meat!” and I guess you didn’t. We will be adding it to the menu in the next week or so.

Now for the curry. Everyone who had it really enjoyed it and liked the idea of being able to try three different versions simultaneously. It was a fun thing to do but very time consuming. We will probably offer a curry dish as a special, but not so sure about putting it on the menu. Perhaps we’ll have a “Curry Day’ every week or a “Curry Weekend” every month. What do folks think of that? Please use the comment button at the end of this post and let us know your thoughts.

Got to work now and prep for lunch, but will write again soon. Everyone have a great day and check back here as I’ll be writing again soon.

PS – Thanks again to Anonymous. Your posts have kept me going on a couple of occasions. I’d love to know who you are someday. Please stop in and ask for Mrs G. Just say that you are Anonymous and I’ll be out.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anonymous and More

Thank you Anonymous for looking at our blog. We don't know who you are, but thank you for continuing to look. Please keep in touch.

Sometimes it's hard to hold your nerve in this business. A gorgeous day on Sunday and we were empty. A gorgeous day on Monday and we were packed. Another beautiful day on Tuesday and we did ok, not great but ok. Planning and ordering is still not easy as we are just easing our way into summer.

Our Dining Out for Life ambassador stopped by yesterday with promotional materials. He is a great guy and we are looking forward to April 29. Do come in, join us and help support this wonderful charity.

We are looking forward to Hendersonville's second Small Plate Crawl. We're being different this year and have gone out on a bit of a limb. Instead of having small plates from our regular menu fare, we're trying a couple new things. One is a Mushroom Meatloaf with Cajun Remoulade. This meatloaf is packed with mushrooms (of course), walnuts, cheddar cheese and rice. When we have offered it as a vegetarian dish, it was very well received. We hope you will enjoy it.

We are also going to have a curry tasting during the Small Plate Crawl. We will be sampling a Thai curry, an Indian curry and a Japanese curry. They will all be made with chicken so the taste differences should be discernable.

Yes, we'll have a lot more than the meatloof and curries. We look forward to serving you.

And yes Anonymous, I'll try to start posting more often. Everyone have a great day!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Where Do I Begin?

OK. Sometimes we just have to throw our hands up in the air and say that we disappointed some of our customers. There were some who came for Easter Lunch and left disappointed. For that, we are sorry. We all love to cook, create wonderful dishes and please our customers. That is what we are here for.

Those of you who know us and are "regulars" know that we are one of the most consistent restaurants in town. That is one of the biggest compliments we get. People tell us that they will always bring out of town guests because they know it will be good - time after time after time.

Today however, there are several of you who left disappointed. And you were disappointed in our lamb. We heard your complaints and criticisms. What you were looking for, we did not provide. We want you back to give you what you were looking for and what all of our other customers have come to expect and do receive.

Enough said. It's the start of another week. We will write again, sooner rather than later.