Our Mural

In late September we hired an artist to paint a mural along our big wall in the dining room. We are taking pictures every day to keep a record of it's progress.

Don't be afraid to come in and see it as it is underway. It makes a fun lunch to watch Jason at work.

Day 1 - Outline of Buildings and Sky

Day 2 - Putting base coat on buildings and road

Day 3 - Starting to add some detail and texture

Day 4 - The main building starting to take shape
 Day 5 - Things are looking great!

The sidewalk is finally in!

One building even has statues

 I'm losing track of the days exactly, but it's sure coming along!
 Affectionately known as the "West Side"

 Rough outline of buildings awaiting details

Look! You can even see in the front door.

Our statues are all pretty now!
 The "West Side" is coming along!

 A close up of a building waiting for detail.

Pretty in pink!

 The "East Side" early in the day

The "East Side" later in the day - Progress!

We now have people eating at the restaurant.

And cars in the street.

And father and son.

What a great job Jason is doing!

We have horses!

The detail is just phenominal.

Maybe heading for ...?

Jason's attention to detail.

The buildings have such character.

What a great spot!

A stone building.